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Latest News
PNC: Discloses Information (03/09)
STG: BOD Resolution Aug 29 (03/09)
KSH: BOD Resolution Aug 29 (03/09)
MCG: 1H/2014 Audited Net Profit Rises by VND5Bln (03/09)
HQC: BOD Resolution Aug 28 (03/09)
Other News
 HCMC: Remittances Reaches USD2.75 Bln in 8 Months
 Vietnam Central Bank Net Injects VND12.618 Tln in Week Ending Aug 29
 Lending Rates May Be Reduced 1-1.5%: Deputy Governor
 VAMC Recovers VND1.253 Tln NPLs as of Aug 28
 VND22 Tln Additional Government Bonds To Be Issued This Year
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