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Latest News
VXB: Earns VND3Bln Net Profit in Q2/2014 (25/07)
WSS: Makes VND449Mln Net Profit in Q2/2014 (25/07)
ALV: Reports VND159Mln Net Profit in Q2/2014 (25/07)
ADC: Reports VND449Mln Net Profit in Q2/2014 (25/07)
CLL: Makes VND18Bln Net Profit in Q2/2014 (24/07)
Other News
 Fishermen Can Borrow at 1-3% Interest Rates for Shipbuilding
 BIDV to Lend VND15 Tln to Fisheries Sector
 Vietnam Central Bank Not To Raise USD Bid Price
 Vietnam Central Bank Net Withdraws VND590 Bln on July 24
 HCMC - Credit Estimated to Rise 3.35% in 7 Months
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