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Key Figures
Sym Company Price 1-Month Market
EPS P/E P/B Dividend ROE ROA
JSC Ha Noi Civil Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company 2.5 +38,9% 3.9 - 197 12.7 0.3 6,4% 2,0% 0,3%
JSIC Japan Securities Joint Stock Company - +0,0% - - 239 - - - 2,3% 1,2%
JVC Japan Vietnam Medical Instrucment Joint Stock Company 14.9 +5,1% 931.3 49,0% 1,026 14.5 1.0 - 6,7% 3,9%
Note: Market data (stock price, market cap, foreign ownship, etc) are updated daily. Fundamental information (sales, profit, owners’ equity, etc) is basel on the last of four quarters or latest fiscal year.
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