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28/02/2014 FPT - FPT Corporation - HOLD VPBS 51
03/01/2013 FPT - FPT Corporation KIMENG 8
22/10/2012 FPT - FPT JSC KIMENG 7
16/04/2012 FPT Report VCSC 4
09/03/2012 FPT Corporation Update Report VCSC 10
10/11/2010 FPT - FPT Corporation VCSC 23
13/01/2010 FDC - Foreign Trade Development and Investment Corp HSC 12
16/08/2009 FPT Corporation HBBS 8
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FDI disbursement rises 3.2% in January-September
Inflation drops to 3.62% despite sharp monthly rise in consumer prices
Moody''s sees improved outlook at six banks
Vinatex launched initial public offering (IPO)
Two Vietnamese groups among top 100 ASEAN enterprises
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